Glorious Recovery Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to help people re-discover their inner happiness after suffering the traumatic impacts of SUD by developing innovative modern technology solutions and uniting communities by hosting super fun in-person events. We are keen to create an all-inclusive and diverse environment by inviting everyone, including families, kids, allies, and families of loss. We encourage them to build new connections, find life-long friendships, and virtually explore the beautiful world of recovery across the United States. 


A world where people in recovery come together to transform lives, decrease the stigma of addiction, spread the abundance of happiness of sobriety, and help others. We know that we have a challenging yet possible vision. With your support, we can help millions of people struggling to obtain long-term recovery. We can empower them to change their lives. We can help them all …. ONE AT A TIME.


The Glorious Calendar

So much to do, so many places to be – and many of us do not even know!

Earlier this year, a Central State Connecticut University professor contacted us and was curious if Glorious Recovery would be interested in working with his students on developing a real-life technology solution for their senior capstone project. Without too much thinking, we said, “Yes, yes, yes, of course! We have a perfect idea for this project.” So, after weeks of planning, solutioning, and hard work by the students, we are beyond excited to announce our latest innovation – click HERE to view our The Glorious Calendar and you will never be bored – check it out – you will be shocked how many amazing recovery events are happening in CT and surrounding states.

Upcoming GR Events


Glorious Recovery has one goal in mind, and that is to inspire people recovering from addiction to stay in recovery and go all-out for long-term recovery.

Individuals in early recovery often experience intense substance cravings due to imprinted memories of use and changes to the brain’s reward system. Therefore, the Glorious Recovery team works very hard to host frequent events that are extremely fun and diverse. From our own experience, we know that social gatherings full of laughter and human connections heal emotionally and physically.

In recovery, we often become disconnected from our families and friends. Initially, this is due to our active addiction and later due to our significant commitment to recovery. We want to stop that separation! We encourage everyone to include their kids, significant others, and friends in their recovery journey, allowing them to enjoy a substance-free life with their loved ones.

Additionally, Glorious Recovery understands that many individuals entering recovery are financially drained due to high treatment costs, the loss of a job, or even imprisonment. Therefore, we always strive to make our events affordable so everyone can attend regardless of financial status.

Many people struggling with SUD continue to hide and suffer in silence due to the unforgiving stigma that still exists in our communities. One way we plan to smash the shame, the guilt, and the stigma is by launching the “Recovery is the New Cool” campaign. It will include apparel, social media posts, blogs, videos, and activities. We are proud to be in recovery because we are not victims. We are survivors of this non-discriminatory disease.


T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sneakers, Snapbacks, Bathing Suits, Joggers, Mugs, Shorts, and much more!

Low Top Canvas Sneakers

They are so caring, I’ve never seen a group of people with so much energy and enthusiasm for recovery. The way they bring the community together and share a message of hope through their actions is unparalleled! 🙏🏼

K.C. Conklin

We were guests in Connecticut for a music festival and all I can say is that it was one of the most memorable shows we ever performed. Everybody over at glorious recovery extended a warm welcome and had us taken care of during our stay. These people are the real deal and I look forward to seeing them each time we are nearby. Kudos and huge props from Baltimore 🤙

Patrick Dempsey