Glorious Recovery Foundation is a non-profit organization that unites, encourages, and empowers people impacted by alcohol and drug addiction to find their way to happy, joyous and healthy life by organizing events full of love, compassion and support.



A world where people in recovery come together to transform lives, decrease stigma of addiction, spread the abundance of happiness of sobriety, and help others.

We know that we have a challenging, yet possible vision. With your support we can help millions of people struggling to obtain long-term recovery. We can empower them to change their lives. We can help them all …. ONE AT A TIME.


Summer Fest 2019 – May 27th 2019 7pm

Penfield Pavilion
323 Fairfield Beach Rd
Fairfield, CT

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We are extremely excited to announce that Jordan Meyer and KC Makes Music will be joining B-RAiN in the performing line up at our Summer Fest 2019!

So you may wonder, why is this event so exciting and so special?  Here are some of our thoughts:
  • Incredible music – B-RAiN was the Indie Contest winner at Recovery Fest 2018 (last Sept in Rhode Island) and are known across the US with their hits ‘Move your Feet” and ‘All Wrong.’  Jordan Meyer and KC Makes Music have recently (among others) released a single called ‘Sober’ and already getting million of views nationwide
  • Celebrate substance-free life – many of you can agree that Memorial Day is usually a day full of BBQs, backyard picnics and parties.  Very frequently on this day, there is a lot of alcohol abuse and drug use.  We would like to show the world that we can have an amazing time without any mind-altering substances
  • Unite – this event provides a very unique opportunity to unite teens, young adults, prevention organizations and recovery community to make everyone aware that addiction is not a choice nor a weakness, it’s brain disease that needs life-long treatment
  • The new “Normal” – quite often we “people in recovery” stick with our own, which is wonderful, we need the support of each other to stain our  long-term recovery.  But the challenge is, this may cause strain on relationships with our family members, friends and community in general because we feel different.  Through this event, we would like to redefine what “normal” looks like and we all are the same, regardless if one has or does not have the disease of addiction

We hope that we have given you enough reason to attend this legendary event.
But your tickets today.!!! We expect this event to sell out.


Center For Open Recovery is thrilled to be a partner on Summer Fest 2019 and to support the work of Glorious Recovery! COR’s Mission is to end the stigma of addiction and champion long-term recovery. Our work is inspired by the late Marty Mann – one of the first recovery advocates and educators who was instrumental in changing the understanding that alcoholism is a disease and that the alcoholic is sick and deserves help. Center For Open Recovery introduced the paradigm of ‘open recovery’ as a proud personal identity; a shared community value; a treatment goal; and a call to action as an affront to stigma. COR was proud to be part of Recovery Fest 2018 with Above the Noise Foundation.

COR Square

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Yankees vs Red Sox – Aug 3rd 2019 4pm

Join us again this year for one of Baseball’s most storied rivalries! Yankees host the Red Sox on Saturday Aug 3rd. A fantastic outing for what’s sure to be an exciting late season game. Glorious Recovery will have tickets for almost half off face value! Don’t miss this event!

What: Yankees vs. Red Sox

Where: Yankee Stadium

When: Aug 3, 2019, 1:00 PM

How much: $60

Tix are going fast! Don’t miss out friends! We are so psyched for this game! Healthy banter between is highly recommended!

Pay for this via http://www.paypal.me/abembnistaor Venmo @Aleksandra-Bembnista or contact us at info@gloriousrecovery.org


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“For many many years I struggled with an alcoholism and drug addiction that was fueled by anxiety depression fear and loneliness. I never believed that other people with the same issues could help me put down the bottle and stop using drugs. Then one day I, out of desperation, I became a part of a 12 step recovery group. I am without a doubt certain that that day saved my life. Since then countless numbers of people in recovery showed me how to get my life back. Without them I coud not have done it. The steps taught me that if I wish to keep my sobriety, I need to help the next person struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse. Thats why I am declaring that I am a person in recovery. Glorious Recovery is a organization of people like me. ” – Tim S

“Glorious Recovery! Today that is how I can describe MY recovery. For a while I have been struggling to feel part of. I know, from past experiences, that is a major part for me to participate in life. I love being with people. When I first saw Dorota & Alexa share about the desire their Higher Power put on their hearts I knew I had to be part of this. That’s what was missing. The walls that my addiction built thru years of thinking I can never trust people started coming down. The support I get from my friends in Glorious Recovery has helped me finally feel part of again! It’s just what this addict needed!
Thank you ladies for making GLORIOUS RECOVERY possible. ” – Karen K

” … great group of loving and caring people. who help people in need. I am blessed to be a part of. and to be humble enough to say I need help. I have had so many laughs and tears with these people. what a gift! truly a glorious recovery! thk u! ” – Kathy B

“Glorious Recovery is an amazing foundation that has been put together to bring all people in recovery together for awesome events! I am so honored to be a part of such a gift! I love speaking the word of my recovery with the world & this gives opportunities to those that never thought there was life in recovery…. fun in recovery… excitement in recovery!! There’s a whole world out there waiting for you!!! A world of GLORIOUS RECOVERY!!” – Erica T