Glorious Recovery Foundation is a non-profit organization that unites, encourages, and empowers people impacted by alcohol and drug addiction to find their way to happy, joyous and healthy life by organizing events full of love, compassion and support.


A world where people in recovery come together to transform lives, decrease stigma of addiction, spread the abundance of happiness of sobriety, and help others. We know that we have a challenging, yet possible vision. With your support we can help millions of people struggling to obtain long-term recovery. We can empower them to change their lives. We can help them all …. ONE AT A TIME.


Glorious Recovery has one goal in mind, and that is to inspire people recovering from SUD to stay in recovery and go all-out for long-term recovery. 

First, individuals in early recovery experience intense substance craving due to imprinted memories of use and depleted brain’s reward system. Glorious Recovery team works very hard to host events frequently and that are extremely fun and diverse in nature.  From our own experience, we know that social gatherings full of laughter and human connections is very healing both emotionally and physically.

Second, often we in recovery experience disconnect from our families and friends. Initially, this is due to our active addiction and later due to significant commitment to our recoveries.  We want to stop that separation!  We encourage every individual to include their kids, significant others and friends in their recovery journey allowing them to fully enjoy substance-free life together with their loved ones

Additionally, Glorious Recovery also understands that many individuals entering recovery life are financially drained.  This is due to high treatment costs, maybe loss of job, or even being released from prison.  We strive to make our events affordable so everyone can attend regardless of their financial status

Lastly, many people struggling with SUD hide and suffer in silence due to the unforgiving stigma that still exists in our communities. One of the ways we are planning to smash the shame, the guilt, and the stigma is by launching the “Recovery is the New Cool” campaign, which will include apparel, social media posts, blogs, videos, and activities. We are proud to be in recovery because we not victims, we are survivors of this non-discriminatory disease!

For “Recovery is the New Cool” apparel, please go to:

www.facebook.com/gloriousrecovery/shop or gloriousrecover.redbubble.com

Jun 6th, 2019 – ” I absolutely love the heart and mission of Glorious Recovery! This one of the best non profits I’ve had the honor to support and experience. Their Summer Fest event was well planned and orchestrated with excellent entertainment and festivities that was enjoyed by all ages. We need more organizations stepping up to represent our Recovery Community in this fashion. I highly recommend! ” – Higgy


“Glorious Recovery is an amazing foundation that has been put together to bring all people in recovery together for awesome events! I am so honored to be a part of such a gift! I love speaking the word of my recovery with the world & this gives opportunities to those that never thought there was life in recovery…. fun in recovery… excitement in recovery!! There’s a whole world out there waiting for you!!! A world of GLORIOUS RECOVERY!!”

Erica Taylor

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