About Us

Glorious Recovery Foundation is a non-profit organization that unites, encourages and empowers people impacted by alcohol and drug addiction to find their way into living a happy, joyous, healthy life by organizing fun events full of love, compassion and support.


A world where people in recovery come together to transform lives, decrease stigma of addiction, spread the abundance of happiness of sobriety, and help others.

We know that we have a challenging, yet possible vision. With your support we can help millions of people struggling to obtain long-term recovery. We can empower them to change their lives. We can help them all ONE AT A TIME.


Glorious Recovery has been formed by two loving moms in recovery, Aleksa and Dorota. Their mission is and has always been to help others achieve long-term recovery. Their primary focus will be organizing fun events, fundraising and supporting recovery.


Glorious Recovery was formed from our passion and love of helping others. While in recovery we have learned that hosting, chairing, organizing and participating in multi-dimensional events with other sober people was bring us enormous joy and happiness, provided self-growth, and transformed our lives. We were smiling, laughing and spreading the blessing of life. It was good for the mind, the body and the soul. We felt loved, needed and wanted. We felt like we mattered in this world and we were making a positive difference in other peoples’ lives. We want to give an equal chance to everyone in recovery to feel that way

We formed Glorious Recovery to raise funds to organize events, to help individuals in recovery live a beautiful life, filled with freedom of choice, embracing fear and unleashing their power within them to lead happy, successful lives. Many come to recovery spiritually bankrupt, emotionally empty, and financially broke. We want to help them see “the light at the end of the tunnel” as it is the gateway to freedom. Too many people relapse or die from this non-discriminatory disease of addiction. Glorious Recovery is committed to creating new and beautiful memories full of laughter and love for the recovering community.