Our Team

Aleksandra Bembnista – Founder

Aleksandra “Aleksa” Bembnista

Aleksa is a person in long term recovery since July 19th 2015. She’s also an amazing mom of 3 teens, has a Biochemistry Master’s Degree from NYU, and currently employed at Lockheed Martin as Data Architect. She is responsible for designing data enterprise-level architecture frameworks, standards, and principles, while supporting complex business process transformations and exploring best practices around technical architectures to advance the future of data being used as a strategic asset at Lockheed Martin.

Aleksa has also been very engaged in the diversity and inclusion initiatives, has founded the LM Recovery Network, as well as owner of a small non-profit organization helping individuals impacted directly or indirectly by Substance Use Disorder, aka addiction or alcoholism.

Overall, she has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry focusing primarily on developing data and analytics solutions. Throughout her career, she has gained vast range of technical skills as well as acquired diverse business knowledge, having had opportunities to work at number of different industries, leading large programs and delivering complex products across diverse and distributed customer base. She has well-rounded experience working
various roles with sophisticated technologies and complex international programs.

Because the disease of addiction doesn’t discriminate and it’s absolutely unforgiving, Aleksa struggled with it amongst millions of people in America, hiding in shame, isolated and completely hopeless. Due to her sister’s relentless fight for her, she was one of the lucky ones to make it back into treatment, get the help she needed and begin the recovery process. Aleksa doesn’t take her recovery for granted and is now fighting for those who are too ashamed to ask for help, or those who do not have a voice.

Tim Smith – Chief Operating Officer

Tim “Timber” Smith

Timber is a person in long-term recovery since Jan 2008. For many many years he struggled with an alcoholism and drug addiction that was fueled by anxiety, depression, fear, and loneliness. Timber had a hard time believing that other people with the same issues could help to put down the bottle and stop using drugs.

Then one day, completely out of desperation, he became a part of a 12 step recovery group. Without a doubt, that day saved his life. Since then, countless numbers of people in recovery showed him how to get his life back. Without them he coud not have done it. Today, Timber feels its his duty to help the next person who’s struggling with addiction.

Timber has always been a Chef at heart. He’s held number amazing cooking positions at variety of restaurants, and we are beyong grateful Timber has decided to join Glorious Recovery not only to help with running the non-profit but to also lead our big event’s culinary needs. Timber has always been cooking for recovery community. So with his incredible palate, his experience of cooking at diverse events, we are the luckiest group ever and beyond grateful Timber is part of our GR Team.

Timber has served in the military and Glorious Recovery says “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TIMBER!”

Carolyn Smith – Executive Vice President

Carolyn Smith

Carolyn Smith is a person in long-term recovery and has always been one who continuously reaches out to offer help to someone who might be struggling. But she doesn’t shy away to admit that when she was out using/drinking, she was only concerned with taking care of herself. Since becoming clean & sober, her #1 priority is her recovery. She finds it imperative to share what she has been given as often as she can.

Carolyn also has found that in recovery, FUN has become an important piece of her life. About 4 years ago, she went to a CloudGang concert, hosted & sponsored by Glorious Recovery. That concert changed her life. She was able to find a group of like-minded people that she can have fellowship and fun with.

We have since had Ugly Sweater Party, Holiday Brunch, Karaoke & Dinner, Paintball, Candle Making, Pig Roasts… and many other events. Carolyn has been blessed to become involved with Glorious Recovery as an Ambassador, allowing her to organize and run her own events, and being able to showing over hundreds of people that Recovery truly is Glorious.

There is nothing quite like seeing a newcomer to the fellowship come to an event, and smile, laugh and learn to have fun again. The only thing that may compare, is a seasoned member of the fellowship having the same experience. Recovery and being able to experience immense joy, both allowed her to have a life better than she could have ever imagined.

Violeta (Vee) Sanchez – Vice President – Outreach & Promotion

Violeta Sanchez

Vee is known for her limitless compassion, problem-solving resourcefulness, top-notch conflict resolution skills, and can-do mindset. Vee is super detail-oriented, has strong leadership skills and an immense passion for helping others. She has an exceptional gift of creating an atmosphere of inclusivity, filled with compassion and sense of belonging. Vee has a natural ability to listen and observe, to sympathize and understand, with an incredibly unique sixth sense to detect someone’s silent struggle and able to see right through into their emotional state of mind.  She is always ready to dive in, dig deep and with having such a vast network of connections, she offers an incredible access to a diverse list of resources.  Vee can quickly provide many ideas and assist practically anyone with finding their own, unique, meaningful, filled with purpose and ideal personally tailored recovery pathway.  In group settings, Vee is an amazing facilitator and has extensive experience with leading peer-to-peer discussions.  In addition, her sunshine personality, fearless attitude, positive outlook, heart of gold, endlessly grateful, Vee can motivate anyone and everyone like no other.  She is simply an extraordinary individual and her magical skills to unlock others unique hidden (or lost or forgotten) talents, strengths, and ambition are priceless.  Vee is THE definition of HOPE.

Vee’s professional experience is diverse and includes variety of roles, such as licensed pharmacy technician, crisis specialist, certified recovery support specialist, and sober living program manager. Most recently, Vee was fully responsible for managing recovery residence and coordinating multitude of duties, including daily operations, administration, inspection, property oversight, housekeeping, and safety control.  Vee considers working directly with clients, especially those in early recovery, as the most rewarding aspect of the job where she can provide structure, help clients identify goals, assist in developing coping skills, encourage to build recovery capital, engage in fun activities, demonstrate endless possibilities of substance-free living, empower them to building strong support network and embrace the beautiful life of recovery.

Vee loves to cook, she’s a huge Yankees fan, absolutely enjoys going to concerts and for self-care, she adores just chilling out with her fur baby Sammie – the cutest Jack Russell Terrier pup ever!