They are so caring, I’ve never seen a group of people with so much energy and enthusiasm for recovery. The way they bring the community together and share a message of hope through their actions is unparalleled! 🙏🏼

K.C. Conklin

We were guests in Connecticut for a music festival and all I can say is that it was one of the most memorable shows we ever performed. Everybody over at glorious recovery extended a warm welcome and had us taken care of during our stay. These people are the real deal and I look forward to seeing them each time we are nearby. Kudos and huge props from Baltimore 🤙

Patrick Dempsey

I love love love the GR family! From the moment I met them in CT at #SummerFest I was in. The energy is beyond awesome! The humility rocks and just the all around selflessness is beautiful! I am super happy to call the GR crew my #SoberFam!

TJ Skeith

Having fun in recovery IS possible! Thankful to this group and these people for accepting me and all of my flaws and making me feel like I belong somewhere in this life.😍

Brittany Albino

Glorious Recovery has done more than they expected in such a short amount of time – and this is my experience. I went to an event with this idea of opening my mind to the message and mission, as well as my own efforts to make a difference. I found more than just a similar goal… I found purpose. I found unconditional love & people who are constantly in your life to try and not only better it, but ENHANCE what you already have… my spirituality was minimal joining. Today, I’ve had MANY spiritual experiences through the works of this amazing Organization. From meeting others in recovery across the country (and world!!) to helping someone else, to being the one helped… words couldn’t explain, nor anything tangible as evidence, other than the light in my eyes coming back. A smile I can’t get rid of some days, and this enthusiasm towards who I am, without shame, with hope, and so knowing so many more memories, probably some of the best, have yet to come, I believe is every person in recovery’s dream. We’ll continue to fight like hell for the living, because of the pain WE have endured from the losses… Glorious Recovery has made my life just that – Glorious. I’ll keep doing my part, each day I wake up.
Thank you, for everyone involved and all who support, because without you knowing, you’re saving my life every single day.

Brooke Young

Great group of people in recovery – all about making wonderful, new, happy memories in Sobriety!!! I love it!!

Carolyn Smith

Mar 24th, 2019 – ” Awesome site, people who care, great events, positivity at its best. You can feel the ❤️ “

Jenn C

Nov 8th, 2019 – “Glorious Recovery! Today that is how I can describe MY recovery. For a while I have been struggling to feel part of. I know, from past experiences, that is a major part for me to participate in life. I love being with people. When I first saw Dorota & Alexa share about the desire their Higher Power put on their hearts I knew I had to be part of this. That’s what was missing. The walls that my addiction built thru years of thinking I can never trust people started coming down. The support I get from my friends in Glorious Recovery has helped me finally feel part of again! It’s just what this addict needed!
Thank you ladies for making GLORIOUS RECOVERY possible. ”

Karen Kovalik

Dec 4th, 2019 – “For many many years I struggled with an alcoholism and drug addiction that was fueled by anxiety depression fear and loneliness. I never believed that other people with the same issues could help me put down the bottle and stop using drugs. Then one day I, out of desperation, I became a part of a 12 step recovery group. I am without a doubt certain that that day saved my life. Since then countless numbers of people in recovery showed me how to get my life back. Without them I coud not have done it. The steps taught me that if I wish to keep my sobriety, I need to help the next person struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse. Thats why I am declaring that I am a person in recovery. Glorious Recovery is a organization of people like me. ” – Tim S

Tim Smith

“Glorious Recovery is an amazing foundation that has been put together to bring all people in recovery together for awesome events! I am so honored to be a part of such a gift! I love speaking the word of my recovery with the world & this gives opportunities to those that never thought there was life in recovery…. fun in recovery… excitement in recovery!! There’s a whole world out there waiting for you!!! A world of GLORIOUS RECOVERY!!”

Erica Taylor