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Recovery Poem by Tony Cassese

Hey Addiction,

So how do you like me now?
Sitting in rehab, take a bow.
I gave you my money, my cars, my trucks
Broken & bitter.. Angry – giving no fucks.

I had strength, faith & pride.
Fooled I was, with how well you could hide.
This is the end, for you my friend.
No more power over you, I won’t pretend.
Hear me now & Hear me well!
I’m rising up from this personal hell.
Here’s your moment, for one last look,
At all the things, that you took.
In this moment, on this day,
Consider yourself informed, I’m choosing another way.
The ride is over, nothing left you can take,
Only the breath in my lungs, is really at stake.
This is me, my heart, my life…
Loving myself, making recovery my knife.
I’m cutting you off, to love me you see
This here is the end, between you & me.
I’m owning my choice to live and be free…
So long, my friend…. You’re history!

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