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2022 will be busy! Read on …

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First of all, we hope you had wonderful holidays, started 2022 on a positive note, surviving the latest COVID surge best you can, and most importantly staying healthy. Second, our amazing team of CT Recovery Advocacy organizers had a great meeting last week, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and seriously dive into some great work!

With the legislative sessions beginning on February 9th, we have reviewed various bills that were submitted last year, discussed several areas needing attention, and committed to reaching out to many state officials to understand which of those bills will be resubmited in 2022. Next, we are planning to regroup next week, explore issues to focus on, and begin preparations to bring those to the attention of our legislators.

Of course, we will need your help!  We are always looking for community engagement, so please send us your thoughts, and tell us about the biggest pain points and barriers you see in CT existing today. Here are some of the hot topics we hear most frequently about: access to treatment (including those on MAT, those who are incarcerated, mothers with children, etc), recovery support services (wages – too low? training & certifications – too expensive?), insurance coverage, access & affordability to sober living, and employment/education barriers. But we know there are many more!  So if you have experienced significant hardship or know of challenges others endured, definitely let us know! Send us an email and DO tell us, please!

In addition, we would love to understand what other CT organizations are planning to participate in these legislative sessions. Which bills are being supported? Any new bills are being proposed? It’s essential we collaborate across CT.  Working together we can help each other out and get the best results for all! So if you’re working on something, please, please, let us know. Our united voices will be louder, definitely stronger and hopefully heard!

Also, our friends in Massachusetts are working on Overdose Awareness License Plates created, and we want to do the similar here in CT. Please join our FB group – CT Overdose Awareness License Plate for details and the latest information on how to get this done.  The good thing is this process looks pretty simple per DMV, but the challenge is we will need 400 people interested to get such a plate manufactured. So for now, join the group, invite your friends, and share it out!

Lastly, and this is IMPORTANT! Anyone currently working as a recovery coach or planning to become one needs to pay attention to work being done around Connecticut Peer/Recovery Support Certification Process. Please read the recent FAQs published by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), register for one of the Town Halls on Jan 26th or 31st (scroll to the bottom of the article for ZOOM registration links), and have your voices heard. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

As always, huge hugs from all of us at CT Recovery Advocacy Project

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