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GR Scholarships – Applications accepted till January 31, 2022

Glorious Recovery Foundation is dedicated to helping youth in recovery, adults in recovery, and children of parents in early recovery, so they rediscover their talents, gain new skills, and encourage learning by a formal education.

We are currently accepting applications until January 31, 2022.

So many incredible individuals who, unfortunately due to their struggles with addiction, were not able to finish high school or ended up dropping out of college. Due to this, they cannot reach their full potential and leverage their talents because of a lack of opportunities. We believe, and have witnessed with our own eyes, that giving someone a chance to shine, helping them discover their authentic selves, and assisting them to find learning opportunities can bring hope, ignite fire in their souls, and ultimately strengthen their recovery. We have worked with individuals who have transformed and blossomed, and now they are thriving personally and professionally. They found new courage, and not only do they see endless possibilities, but they are also helping others to realize their dreams.

People in recovery, their children, and anyone impacted by addiction are not only smart, creative, and hardworking, but they are also endlessly curious, compassionate, and simply resilient. Let’s finally give them a chance and unlock their full potential. We wholeheartedly know that people in recovery can be any profession that they wish to be.

The Glorious Recovery Scholarship Fund will award two $500 scholarships to individuals who are seeking to enroll in undergraduate degrees, professional certifications, and continuing education courses. We are looking for candidates in the following categories:

  • Young adults in recovery
  • Adults in recovery
  • Children whose parents are in early (less than 1 year) recovery

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