GR is going tech! – FOMO no more :)

The Lockdown Wizards – Ben, Kara, and Nick
Central Connecticut State University
Computer Science – Spring 2022 Seniors

Glorious Recovery has been in existence for almost 4 years now, and certainly, we have done a lot of cool stuff.  Probably way more than anyone has ever expected and most definitely a lot more than we originally had planned.  Sometimes we reflect back and have to pinch ourselves to check if this is real or just a dream.  In the past 4 years, we have met hundreds of incredible recovery leaders who not only supported us, believed in us, and helped us when things got challenging, but also took the time to guide us, mentor us, and connect us with many awesome organizations all over the US. 

Our latest project and collaboration with Central Connecticut State University was simply exceptional.  It was really fun and the CCSU the students were 100% brilliant.  Our Spring 2022 team of Computer Science seniors, aka, “Lockdown Wizards” totally rocketed the already existing awesome Glorious Calendar (also developed by CCSU students the prior semester) into another dimension. Ben, Nick, and Kara built us a very cool app that automatically pulls all the events from our Glorious Calendar into the newsletter.  In addition, they have developed our first-ever mobile app Glorious Collab which is currently available on Google Play for Android devices. 

Glorious Collab

These solutions are offering tremendous value not only to the recovery community by also to all the organizations across CT, where we will finally have a single view of many events planned within our state.  Yes, finally!!!.  Hopefully, this will help us all in coordinating at least some of the big events, and rather than competing for attendees, we will be able to provide more visibility with more opportunities for everyone to attend and get involved.  Lastly, by leveraging today’s modern technologies, these software packages will also significantly reduce the amount of time our team has traditionally spent on manual tasks, such as searching, copying, pasting, and consolidating events to help us plan our own events but also for us to know where to be when and where. 

Glorious Calendar

This is especially true during Recovery Month.  With so many amazing events being planned in our own state alone, there is something on the calendar almost every day, with some days more than one.  Luck often has it, things we want to participate in, take place on the opposite sides of the state, and we end up driving back and forth hoping to attend, support, and help out as much as we possibly can.  And now trying to manage a team, making sure everyone knows when is what, who’s going where, and flex when things change, can definitely be a bit challenging.

So we are super stoked about our innovative solutions and we hope you will use them often, whenever busy and always when you’re bored.  

We would like to continue this work and we need your help.  We are looking for sponsors to help us fund the development of a mobile app for iPhones as well as a few other ideas we already have for the next generation of new GR Apps.  if you’re interested to hear more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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