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DementedFX Haunted House – 10/16/21 7pm – MA

Have you ever wanted to star in a Horror Movie?
The Number 1 Haunted Attraction in Massachusetts, DementedFX features 20,000 square feet of GIANT MONSTERS, HOLLYWOOD QUALITY SETS and PROPS, surrounded by HAIR RAISING SOUND DESIGN, and INTERACTIVE VIDEO that’s sure to send you home with no voice…
…and possibly needing a new pair of jeans.We have received 15 discounted awesome VIP tickets, so join us if you dare! Thank you DementedFX for your support!

530 Main St, Holyoke, MA 01085

Tickets: $35 (value $60)
Tickets include Hunted House, MEAT Tank, VIP lounge, no waiting in lines.

Contact us at info@gloriousrecovery.org to reserve your spot. We will be carpooling, so if you need a ride let us know, and we’ll try to help you out best we can.

Bio Med Corp Haunted House – portrays one cohesive storyline, “an immoral medical laboratory, ravaged by its own experiments, has let loose a virus that is turning the world into monsters and ghouls. You need to break into the lab and rescue the scientist who has the cure to save all humanity.”

The MEAT Tank is a “PG13” simulation experience that gives you a small taste of the gigantic scares of our Bio Med Corp Haunted House.In the years after the outbreak, BioMedCorp has formed its own military, the BMC Mobile Infantry. Victims will join the civilian tactical recruitment program and be sent on their first mission. The sensory experience uses enhanced audio design, video, animatronics, lighting effects, and simulated movement to send the new recruits on an illusive adventure into the zombie wasteland.

Glorious Recovery hosts events for people recovering from alcohol and drug addiction and we encourage family, kids and friends to participate in all the fun! If cost is prohibitive, please sent us an email at info@gloriousrecovery.org

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