Event - CT

Asylum Escape Room 7/7/2020 5:30pm

Asylum Escape Room
Fear Factor: Medium | Success Rate: 38
Ages: 16 or over only

Tickets: $25 https://asylum2020ct.eventbrite.com

Welcome to the Asylum. Recently a group of six paranormal investigators went missing after attempting to research the haunted nature of this long abandoned asylum. This asylum is rumored to be haunted by the patients who once lived there and were tortured by a doctor who used to perform inhumane experiments on them, which led to their deaths. This doctor, Dr. Borden, has been seen recently entering and exiting the asylum for unknown reasons, through a tunnel system located under the building.

Please Be Advised Of The Following…

The safety of our guests is our top priority. This room may have content that is sensitive for some people. It could be viewed as scary, eerie, and at some points, even gory. We strongly advise people not to book this room if you have concerns with these types of games

This room will be VERY dark and you will have very limited lighting inside the room. Outside light sources such as those on a cell phone, will NOT be permitted so as not to alter the desired effect. Please do not book this escape room if you are not comfortable with extremely low lit environments

Note that there are strobe lights and loud noises in this room

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