Brooke Young

Glorious Recovery has done more than they expected in such a short amount of time – and this is my experience. I went to an event with this idea of opening my mind to the message and mission, as well as my own efforts to make a difference. I found more than just a similar goal… I found purpose. I found unconditional love & people who are constantly in your life to try and not only better it, but ENHANCE what you already have… my spirituality was minimal joining. Today, I’ve had MANY spiritual experiences through the works of this amazing Organization. From meeting others in recovery across the country (and world!!) to helping someone else, to being the one helped… words couldn’t explain, nor anything tangible as evidence, other than the light in my eyes coming back. A smile I can’t get rid of some days, and this enthusiasm towards who I am, without shame, with hope, and so knowing so many more memories, probably some of the best, have yet to come, I believe is every person in recovery’s dream. We’ll continue to fight like hell for the living, because of the pain WE have endured from the losses… Glorious Recovery has made my life just that – Glorious. I’ll keep doing my part, each day I wake up.
Thank you, for everyone involved and all who support, because without you knowing, you’re saving my life every single day.